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Our Team

Alexane Escot BExSc Dphty
Founder | Head Physiotherapist

Scoliosis has been a part of my life since the age of 12 - I was a regular teen but with an irregular spinal curve. My scoliosis progressively increased throughout my teenage years and resulted in extensive back surgery in 2013 to fuse and straighten my spine.

Back then, there were limited conservative treatment options for scoliosis. The experience was tough, but it ignited a passion in me. I was determined to change things, inspire young teens navigating similar journeys, and change the way scoliosis is managed in Australia. So, I took a leap of faith and and embarked in a path to become a physiotherapist. 

In 2017, I completed my first Schroth certification in Spain and then spent time living and working in Vancouver as part of the founding ScoliClinic team. In 2019, my dream became a reality. I opened QLD Scoliosis Clinic (formerly known as The Scoliosis Collective) - a space dedicated to spinal physiotherapy, scoliosis, and postural health. My vision is to create a place where anyone dealing with scoliosis can find all the support they need under one roof, from physio to bracing, even psychological services. After all, scoliosis isn't just a physical journey, it's an emotional one too.

Outside of the clinic, you’ll usually find me walking my labradoodle Louie, creating new recipes, working out at the gym or perfecting my coffee making skills.

I've Had Spinal Fusion Surgery

a staff photo of the head physiotherapise at QLD scoliosis clinics


Doctor of Physiotherapy, Bond University, 2014
ISST Schroth Course Level 1 &2, 2023

Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School – C1, 2017

Bachelor of Exercise Science, Bond University, 2012

APA Sports Physiotherapy Level 1 course, 2016

WHTA Women’s Health Physiotherapy Intensive Course, 2018 

APPI Pilates Equipment Level 1,2,3,4, 2018

Pilates Equipment 1,2 &3 for Physiotherapists, Pilates Institute of Queensland, 2016

Studio Pilates International Matwork Instructor Course, 2014

Musculoskeletal Segmental Layering and Dry Needling Course, Combined Health, 2015
Rocktape Kinesiology and Power Taping course, 2014
Level 1 Sports Trainer course, 2012

Ella Speak
Schroth Specialist | Senior Physiotherapist


From being diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 12, myself and dear mother found ourselves stumbling through the healthcare system in search of information and treatment. Unfortunately, we had very little success, with many of our questions and concerns being left unanswered. This was quite an overwhelming experience for my adolescent self. Many years on, I’m now living comfortably with my curve – it’s taught me resilience and an appreciation for my unique self!

Why Did I Become a Physiotherapist?

I come from a sporty background and have always found a genuine joy in caring for others. Naturally, this led me down the path to become a physiotherapist. Upon graduating with a Masters of Physiotherapy from Swinburne University, I reflected on my previous experience as a teenager seeking treatment for scoliosis. I wondered what could I do better and whether there were opportunities to utilise my newly learnt skills as a therapist in this unique field.

A quick google search brought me to QLD Scoliosis Clinic. Upon visiting the practice and undertaking additional study on the Schroth method, I immediately grew a passion for scoliosis based physiotherapy. This lead me to where I am today -a therapist who strives to be the type of practitioner I needed when I was a teenager, one who provides reassurance and education to help others live comfortably within their curves. 

Outside of the clinic, you’ll usually find me practicing pilates, at the local bowls club or in the bush cooking a meal beside a campfire.


Master of Physiotherapy, 2022

BSPTS Schroth Level 1, 2023

BSPTS Schroth Level 2, 2024

 BSTPS Base Course, 2022

 Bachelor in Public Health Science, 2020

a staff photo of the scroth speaclist at QLD scoliosis clinics




Trouble Maker | Chief Happiness Officer

a staff photo of the clinic dog thats a fluffy chocolate labradoodle at QLD scoliosis clinics

I'm Naughty

Hello! I'm Louie, a (very) fluffy Labradoodle with a big heart

Here at QLD Scoliosis Clinic, I take my job very seriously - from greeting patients with a wagging tail to providing comforting cuddles, I ensure everyone feels right at home. With years of experience in making humans smile, I've mastered the art of spreading joy and positivity throughout the clinic.


My hobbies include:
long walks in the park, playing fetch until the sun goes down, and sneaking in treats whenever I can. My team says I'm a great listener, especially during tough times, making me the perfect furry shoulder to lean on. Whether you're here for a quick visit or a lengthy recovery, I'll be right here to make your day a little brighter!


Expert in Tail Wagging

Professional Cuddler

PhD in Fetch

Certified in Delivering Unconditional Love

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