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Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment for Children and Adults

Evidence based scoliosis specific physiotherapy and bracing 

Scoliosis Treatment

QLD Scoliosis Clinics - Wesley Hospital
Suite 14, Evan Thomson Building,
Level 10, 24 Chasely St, Auchenflower, Queensland, 4066

Our scoliosis bracing is a non-surgical treatment method used to treat scoliosis, generally for growing kids and teenagers. Each brace is custom-made to fit the patient’s body structure

Physiotherapeutic scoliosis-specific exercises (PSSE) are a specialised form of scoliosis treatment aimed at managing and reducing the progression of scoliosis. 

Individualised rehabilitation programs designed to optimise surgical outcomes and post-operative recovery, encompassing pain management, muscle balance, and respiratory function.

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Dedicated Professionals in
Scoliosis Treatment

Welcome to the QLD Scoliosis Clinic located within the Wesley Hospital Specialist Suites in Brisbane, a leading center dedicated to the specialized care of individuals with scoliosis. We are deeply committed to understanding the complexities and challenges associated with scoliosis clinical features and delivering exceptional scoliosis treatment solutions. Our clinic upholds the belief that maintaining a healthy curvature of the spine is fundamental to overall well-being. Thus, our core mission is to provide a personalized, evidence-based approach to treatment, ensuring comprehensive care for our patients' physical, emotional, and mental health.

What is scoliosis? It is a condition characterized by an abnormal curved spine, demanding expert attention and a nuanced understanding of its symptoms. Our clinic is staffed by experienced physiotherapists specialized in the Schroth Method, uniquely equipping us to meet these demands. This specialized training ensures that our patients receive the highest standard of care, tailored to their individual needs and the specific nature of their spinal curve.

At the QLD Scoliosis Clinic, we understand that scoliosis treatment is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our approach is highly individualized, focusing on specialized exercises, postural education, targeted manual therapy, and practical lifestyle adjustments. These interventions are crucial for effectively managing the condition and preventing the progression of mild scoliosis and more severe forms, such as lumbar scoliosis and thoracic scoliosis.

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For children and adolescents, our clinic offers custom-made scoliosis braces, essential for preventing further curvature of the spine. Recognizing the importance of collaborative care, we work closely with surgeons who specialize in scoliosis operations and scoliosis surgeries, providing comprehensive pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation programs. This ensures a continuum of care that bridges conservative treatment and surgical interventions.

Scoliosis treatment for adults, including scoliosis therapy for adults, incorporates a variety of approaches to manage scoliosis of the spine, including physiotherapy for scoliosis and scoliosis physio. Understanding the types of scoliosis and how scoliosis is treated enables our team to offer the most effective care for each individual, ensuring that every aspect of treatment is addressed.

Our skilled physiotherapists are uniquely trained in the Schroth Method, a testament to our commitment to offering superior care. We provide personalized treatment plans designed to address the individual characteristics of your scoliosis, considering both the specific nature of your curve and your unique needs. Our holistic treatment strategy encompasses specialized scoliosis exercises, posture education, precise manual therapy, and actionable lifestyle advice. These measures are aimed not only at managing your condition effectively but also at preventing further curvature of the spine, ultimately improving your life quality.

a picture of the WCR Scoliosis brace fitted by QLD scoliosis clinics

Located conveniently at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane, we specialize in offering custom-made scoliosis braces for our younger patients, especially during their crucial growth stages. These braces are essential for preventing the progression of curvature. Our team works in close collaboration with scoliosis surgeons, providing a comprehensive approach that includes pre and post-rehabilitation programs specifically designed for individuals undergoing spinal fusion surgery. This collaborative effort allows us to provide a seamless transition between conservative treatments and surgical interventions, ensuring our patients receive continuous care and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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